Foreign trade salesman/foreign trade


1. Responsible for product quality of the injection molding workshop;

2. Timely respond to production abnormalities, find problems in a timely manner, and put forward reasonable Suggestions;

3. At least 1 year injection molding experience



E-commerce/alibaba sales/international


I have experience in developing customers through alibaba international website. I am willing to share the benefits generated on the platform with basic salary and profit sharing. You with entrepreneurial passion are welcome to join us
We provide a platform for you to receive orders, the more orders, the higher commission, think is a happy thing!
For new salesmen, we will issue orders from old customers, which will not make you feel so difficult on the road to promotion. Trust us!



Machine repair in injection shop


Detailed interview can be called, salary negotiable.



Workshop statistics + quality inspection


1. Responsible for product quality in injection shop;
2. Respond to production abnormality in time, find the problem and track it, and give reasonable suggestion;
3. At least 1 year injection molding experience.