Retail sales of daily necessities reached 386 billion yuan, and "new daily necessities" became a new trend of life aesthetics

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nrecentyears,withthecontinuousimprovementofpeople'slivingstandard,people'sdemandfordailynecessitieshasgraduallychangedfrommeetingbasicneedstomeetinghigherneeds.Quality,grade,becomeoneofimportantfactorsthatconsumerconsiderswhenbuyingaproduct.Accordingtodatareleasedbytheministryofcommerce,China'sretailsalesofdailynecessitiesreached386billionyuaninthefirstthreequartersof2018,up13.4percentyear-on-year.  Thestrongriseandrapiddevelopmentofthisnewcommoditymarketnaturallyattractedthecloseattentionofthecentralmedia.  Themarketfornewcommoditieshasrisenstronglyinrecentyears  InSeptember2018,mingchuangyou,achainbrandfocusingonlifeaestheticsandconsumergoods,received1billionyuanoffinancingfromtencentandhillhousecapital.InNovember,xiaomi'sconsumerbrand"xiaomiyoupin"enteredjingdongandlaunchedin-depthcooperation.InDecember,neteaseofficiallyopeneditsfirstofflinestoreinChina,whichwasstrictlyselectedbynetease.  "Economicinformationnetworkbroadcast"columnforthe"newdailynecessities"brandspecialreport  OnFebruary17,CCTVfinancialchannel"economicinformationbroadcast"columnonthehotindustrymadeaspecialreport,thereportinthe"newdailynecessities"marketinthestorenumberofthelargestnumberoffamousexcellentbrand,analyzedthenewcategoryofthemarket.  Consumers:""Ilovegoingtothesestoresbecausethedesignissomuchbetternow.""  Intheviewofyeguofu,chairmanofmingchuangyoupingroup,nowthiserais"toorichinmaterial,highlytransparentinformation,precioustime",sotheproductmustbemoreartisticdesign,betterqualitywinout.Retailhasenteredthe"product-centerederaofsmallbutbeautifulselection",andconsumersdonotwanttobeoverwhelmedbyalargenumberofgoods."selection"cansaveconsumersalotoftime.  Therefore,inthenameofexcellentproduct"threehighthreelow"(highappearancelevel,highquality,highefficiency;Lowcost,lowgrossmargin,lowprice)productsecret,highappearancelevelrankedfirst.Mingchuangyouhasbeentodesignasthedrivingforce,theformationofanexcellentdesignerteam,exploretheautomaticproductdevelopmentmechanism,constantlypromotetheupgradingofproducts.  NewdailyusebrandadvocateadvocatetwoCARDS:designbeautyandchangefast  Forinstance"economicinformationcoupletisbroadcast"a"watercube"watercupthatthecolumnintroducestechnically,havecleverdesignideaalready,comparegeneralcongenerictotasteagainmuchpractical.What'smore,thiskindofdesignfullofcautioncanbeseeneverywhereinthestoresoffamousandexcellentproducts,anditisdifficultnottoarouseconsumers'interest.Andsuchasenseofdesignandqualityofagoodproduct,andwasagoodproductwith"lowgrossprofit"limitedinaveryhighcostperformance.  Yeguofusaid:"althoughthegrossprofitofthiswatercubecupisonly1yuan,butayearcanbesoldinstores10million,acupwillearn10million,donotlookatacup1yuanprofitisverylowisnotwillingtodothisthing.  Mingchuangyoucansell10millioncupsayearinitsstores  Andthefactthatconsumersareabletocome"almostonceaweek"meansthatstoresmusthavenewproductsonthemarketwithinthatweek.Otherwise,itisthesameproducteverytime,soisitnecessaryforconsumerstochooseandbuyinthestore?Nohighfrequencyofconsumption,toacertainextent,alsomeansthelossofstorecustomerflow.  However,mingchuangyouproductsolvedthispotentialproblemthroughthemethodofrapidchange,andrealizedwhatcaojun,directorofBeijingchaoyangJoyCityoperationdepartment,saidintheinterview:"smalldailychemicalproductsinthisstorecanformafeelingofcollection,drivingmanypeopletotheshoppingcentertobuyconsumption.  Chenxin,headofthedigitalelectricalappliancecategory,toldtheeconomicinformationnetworkreporter,thesameis59yuanofproducts,theywilldeterminefromthenumberofshopsandaveragedailysalesperstoretoleavethelayouttowhichproduct.Inmorethan3000storesaroundtheworld,the"lifeanddeathpower"ofalldigitalproductssoldbymingchuangyoupinisdiscussedanddecidedbytheirteamatthequarterlymeeting.Andaftercombingeachtime,caneliminatetheproductofabout20%.  Undersuchrapidproductiteration,mingchuangyoupinsuccessfullyachievedtheconsumptionfrequencyof1-2timesaweek,muchhigherthanmostbusinessforms,andtheannualsalesvolumealsobasicallyachievedagrowthof50%.Bytheendof2018,mingchuangyoupinhadsetupmorethan3,500storesin79countriesandregionsaroundtheworld,withitsannualrevenueexceeding17billionyuan.  Thevigorousdevelopmentof"newdailynecessities"haspromotedthe"return"offoreigntradecontractmanufacturerstomakemoney  Sinceitsinception,thecompanyhasadheredtothe"product-centered"strategyunwavering.Andagoodproductcannotdowithoutgooddesignononehand,ontheotherhandalsocannotdowithoutgoodsuppliernecessarily.Anexperiencedandreliablesupplierisindispensabletothebrand.Therefore,onthelistofglobalsuppliersofmingchuangyou,therearenotonlytheworldfamoustopsupplierssuchasyingtreyandchihuatun,butalsomanydomesticOEMfactoriesspecializinginhigh-qualityexportproducts.  ThesecondkindofOEMfactoryonlycooperatedwithforeignbrandsforalongtimebeforetheriseofthedomesticnewdailyusemarket,andtheyaremoreadaptedtothehighqualityrequirementsofforeignproducts.However,theriseoflocalhouseholdbrandsandthetappingofthepotentialofthedomesticnewdailynecessitiesmarketallowthemtoseethedevelopmentspaceofthedomesticmarketand
n recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for daily necessities has gradually changed from meeting basic needs to meeting higher needs. Quality, grade, become one of important factors that consumer considers when buying a product. According to data released by the ministry of commerce, China's retail sales of daily necessities reached 386 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2018, up 13.4 percent year-on-year.
The strong rise and rapid development of this new commodity market naturally attracted the close attention of the central media.
The market for new commodities has risen strongly in recent years
In September 2018, mingchuangyou, a chain brand focusing on life aesthetics and consumer goods, received 1 billion yuan of financing from tencent and hillhouse capital. In November, xiaomi's consumer brand "xiaomi youpin" entered jingdong and launched in-depth cooperation. In December, netease officially opened its first offline store in China, which was strictly selected by netease.
"Economic information network broadcast" column for the "new daily necessities" brand special report
On February 17, CCTV financial channel "economic information broadcast" column on the hot industry made a special report, the report in the "new daily necessities" market in the store number of the largest number of famous excellent brand, analyzed the new category of the market.
Consumers: "" I love going to these stores because the design is so much better now." "
In the view of ye guofu, chairman of mingchuangyoupin group, now this era is "too rich in material, highly transparent information, precious time", so the product must be more artistic design, better quality win out. Retail has entered the "product-centered era of small but beautiful selection", and consumers do not want to be overwhelmed by a large number of goods. "selection" can save consumers a lot of time.
Therefore, in the name of excellent product "three high three low" (high appearance level, high quality, high efficiency; Low cost, low gross margin, low price) product secret, high appearance level ranked first. Mingchuangyou has been to design as the driving force, the formation of an excellent designer team, explore the automatic product development mechanism, constantly promote the upgrading of products.
New daily use brand advocate advocate two CARDS: design beauty and change fast
For instance "economic information couplet is broadcast" a "water cube" water cup that the column introduces technically, have clever design idea already, compare general congeneric to taste again much practical. What's more, this kind of design full of caution can be seen everywhere in the stores of famous and excellent products, and it is difficult not to arouse consumers' interest. And such a sense of design and quality of a good product, and was a good product with "low gross profit" limited in a very high cost performance.
Ye guofu said: "although the gross profit of this water cube cup is only 1 yuan, but a year can be sold in stores 10 million, a cup will earn 10 million, do not look at a cup 1 yuan profit is very low is not willing to do this thing.
Mingchuangyou can sell 10 million cups a year in its stores
And the fact that consumers are able to come "almost once a week" means that stores must have new products on the market within that week. Otherwise, it is the same product every time, so is it necessary for consumers to choose and buy in the store? No high frequency of consumption, to a certain extent, also means the loss of store customer flow.
However, mingchuangyou product solved this potential problem through the method of rapid change, and realized what cao jun, director of Beijing chaoyang Joy City operation department, said in the interview: "small daily chemical products in this store can form a feeling of collection, driving many people to the shopping center to buy consumption.
Chen xin, head of the digital electrical appliance category, told the economic information network reporter, the same is 59 yuan of products, they will determine from the number of shops and average daily sales per store to leave the layout to which product. In more than 3000 stores around the world, the "life and death power" of all digital products sold by mingchuangyoupin is discussed and decided by their team at the quarterly meeting. And after combing each time, can eliminate the product of about 20%.
Under such rapid product iteration, mingchuangyoupin successfully achieved the consumption frequency of 1-2 times a week, much higher than most business forms, and the annual sales volume also basically achieved a growth of 50%. By the end of 2018, mingchuangyoupin had set up more than 3,500 stores in 79 countries and regions around the world, with its annual revenue exceeding 17 billion yuan.
The vigorous development of "new daily necessities" has promoted the "return" of foreign trade contract manufacturers to make money
Since its inception, the company has adhered to the "product-centered" strategy unwavering. And a good product cannot do without good design on one hand, on the other hand also cannot do without good supplier necessarily. An experienced and reliable supplier is indispensable to the brand. Therefore, on the list of global suppliers of mingchuangyou, there are not only the world famous top suppliers such as yingtrey and chihuatun, but also many domestic OEM factories specializing in high-quality export products.
The second kind of OEM factory only cooperated with foreign brands for a long time before the rise of the domestic new daily use market, and they are more adapted to the high quality requirements of foreign products. However, the rise of local household brands and the tapping of the potential of the domestic new daily necessities market allow them to see the development space of the domestic market and turn their eyes back to China one after another.
The past focus on foreign trade contract enterprises affected by domestic demand business surge
Luo huide, general manager of dongguan shijin industrial co., LTD., is one of the suppliers of mingchuangyou products, and it is the second kind of "export to domestic sales". He told the economic information network that five years ago, their factories only produced foreign brands, but as early as 2014, he turned his attention back to China.
This wise decision enabled their factory's annual business volume to surge from 30 million yuan in 2014 to 300 million yuan in 2018, and they cooperated with more than 40 domestic brands. Luo directly told reporters that "the domestic orders are blowout, and the foreign orders are not the same order of magnitude, its growth rate is in accordance with the double double to increase in this way."
With the surge of domestic new daily use brands, not only drives the changes of the upstream and downstream of the industry, but also the whole industry itself is developing into a segmented field. Industry experts said that the future has a clear strategic positioning and core competitive advantages of daily use brands will have a greater market space.
Mingchuangyou product as a domestic early set foot in the consumer goods market brand, is the first batch of "eat crab" pioneer, also in the trial process of continuous self-renewal and improvement, to complete the industry and consumer demand fit between the coordination. And in the industry competition is increasingly fierce in the future, how to create a good product will "move" to deal with, is bound to be another topic worth exploring.